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The third most favorable traveling country and home to the most natural and cultural heritage

About Spain

Spain is a member of EU and Schengen Union. It is located in the south of Europe. Spain shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, with the northeast border to France and Andorra. Spain is known as the third most favorable traveling country and home to the most natural and cultural heritage. Lonija Silk Exchange, Monastery and Site of the Escurial in Madrid, Palau Güell in Bacelona and Santiago de compostela old town are famous tourists sites.

Migrant Conditions


    1. Purchase real estate of value above €500,000.
    2. Principal applicant is above age of 18.
    3. No criminal record

Family Sponsorship

    Your spouse
    Unmarried children under the age of 18
    Dependent child under the age of 18 who is a full-time student

Residence Requirement

Only need to visit Spain once a year

Processing Time

Residence status granted as fast as 20 working days after completion of real estate investment.

Documents Required

For applying Schengen Visa

    2 color photos (35mm x 45mm, in white background)
    Travel documents in original and hard copy (visa stamped pages) (eligible for at least 1 year)
    Household registration in original and hard copy
    Marriage Certificate hard copy
    Invitation Letter sent from Spain
    Bank statement hard copy for the past 6 months and bank-pass book
    Work Proof with company stamp
    Leave Letter
    Departure and return ticket
    Hotel booking proof
    Travel insurance
    Schengen Visa Form

For applying Golden Resident Visa

    Passport and certified copy (eligible for at least 1 year)
    Household registration copy (with Spanish translation)
    Marital Certificate (with Spanish translation)
    Birth Certificate (with Spanish translation)
    Medical insurance proof (protected in Spain and Europe)
    No criminal record within 5 years in current residence and in Spain (with Spanish translation)
    Bank Statement (balance is about €50,000)
    Work and income proof (with Spanish translation, applicable only to employed applicant. E.g. Salary Receipt, Labour Contract, Employer Claim, Bank Statement
    Property investment contract and ownership proof or agreement on business registration (documents prepared by lawyer in Spain)
    Residence Proof for the past 3 months (e.g. Tax bill, electricity bill) (with Spanish translation)
    (e.g. Tax bill, electricity bill)

Documents for investment projects

    Documents of bank account opening in Hong Kong and Spain
    Property registry to prove that applicant has purchased property without liability
    Tax payment proof: Present copy of “Certificate of indebtedness” issued by Spain tax department
    Fiscal Number


Advantages of Spain Golden Resident Migrant

Global Citizen Identity

    Enjoy visa free in 158 countries over the world.
    Travel to 26 Europe Schengen countries without limitation.

Low Resident Requirement

    Not compulsory to live in Spain, only need to visit once a year.

No Inheritance Tax

    No collection of inheritance tax.
    Spain collects individual income tax, business profit tax and capital gain tax.

Tremendous welfare

    Residents enjoy free medical service, comprehensive Social dole and retirement pension.
    Multiple old-aged policies are executed in Spain in transportation or cultural entertainment.

High Quality Medical Network

    Basic medical protection and professional care are ensured as the medical network in Spain is well developed with a high density of clinics, hospitals and dental practices. Diagnosis using mobile phone is also an increasing trend in Spain for doctors keeping in touch with their patients. The average lifespan of Spanish citizens reaches 82.1 years.

12 years free education

    Spain residents enjoy 12 years free education. Nowadays, there are more than 100 universities and 300 high colleges in Spain, including University of Salamanca and University of Granada. Both of the two schools are in the list of the most traditional institutions in Europe, Salamanca earns the same reputation as Cambridge University in UK.
    Spain is also famous for its music college. There are a total of 43 music colleges, including Madrid Royal Music School and Barcelona Music College which are the top tier music education institutions in the World.

The 3rd Global Language

    Spanish is the third global language.There are 500 million people who speak Spanish around the world. With the increasing important role of Latin America in global commerce, Spanish has become a widely used language for commerce.

Common FAQ

    1.If documents are written in Chinese, should the applicant submit a Spanish version to the Chinese government and Spanish migrant department?

  • A: Only Spanish version certificated by notary office in origin residence is required

    2.After receiving the permanent residency in Spain, if the price of the invested properties decline to less than €500,000, is it needed for the applicant to reimburse additional capital to fulfill the requirement?

  • A: Not needed. The €500,000 requirement is only enforceable at the time the investment is made. If the applicant would like to invest in properties above €500,000, the minimum initial payment must equal to €500,000. Applicants can apply for a mortgage or loan for the remaining portion of payment.

    3.If the applicant owned real estates in Spain, can it used for immigration purpose?

  • A: only when the real estates are bought 6 months before application.

    4.What are some examples of taxes Portugal collect?

  • A:
    1. Personal Income Tax:
      • Below €18,000: tax free
        Above €18,000: 24%
        The highest tax rate: 35%
    2. Business Profit Tax:
      • Below €2,000,000: 25%
        The highest tax rate: 35%
    3. Value Added Tax:
      • Value Added Tax on real estate: 21% of added value
        Value Added Tax on investment: 21% of added value
    4. Inheritance Tax:
      • No
    5. Global Tax:
      • Non-resident is not required
        Resident who live in Portugal for 183 days is required to pay it
    6. Property Tax:
      • Every deal charges for 10% of the purchase price
        Land Tax is 2-4% every year (depends on different region)
    7. Rental Property Tax:
      • 25% after deduction of all expenses

    5.How long does it take to apply for a Golden Resident Permit?

  • A: After completion of real estate purchase and submission of application, the visa has been approved if the applicant doesn’t receive any notice from Spain within 20days

    6.Can the applicant remain as a temporary resident continuously without applying for permanent residency?

  • A: Temporary residency should be renewed every 2 years but the applicant is not required to go to Spain while applying for renewal as a lawyer can handle all procedures on behalf of the applicant.

    7.How to apply for permanent residency?

  • A: Applicant is eligible to apply for permanent residency after remaining a temporary resident for 5 years continuously and staying 183 days in the fifth year in Spain. After granting permanent residency, the applicant should visit Spain once a year. Permanent residency should be renewed every 5 years and the applicant should stay 183 days in the fifth year in Spain in order to retain permanent residency.

    8.Besides the service fee from our company, are there any extra charges?

  • A: Property Tax and Land Tax Lawyer fee (Including property transfer fee, submission fee and application fee)

    9.Can the applicant’s children enjoy free education in Spain?

  • A: Yes, the applicant’s children enjoy 12 years free education.

    10.Can the applicant’s children receive education from any of EU member countries?

  • A: The applicant’s children can receive education from any of EU member countries

    11.Can the applicant’s family work in Spain?

  • A: Principle applicant as investor can set up a business instead of being employed in Spain. Applicant’s spouse and children can find jobs in Spain after being residents

    12.What is the Schengen Area?

  • A:The Schengen Area was formed under the confederation of Schengen Agreement. It consists of 26 European Countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Luxemburg, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Malta, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Schengen Area is not the same as the European Union (EU)

    13.How can I visit the Schengen Area?

  • A: For China passport holders, the applicant needs to execute a visa.
For HKSAR passport holder, it is visa- free.


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