About Taiwan

Taiwan lies off the southeast coast of mainland Asia, and western edge of the Pacific Ocean. Taiwan’s tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates provide clear differentiations between different seasons. Taiwan has numerous heritages to record the evolution of its country. Taiwan is famous for its cuisine and “night-market”. In order to boost the economy, Taiwan launched the migrant policy back into August 2008. Hong Kong and Macau residents can claim for residency at Taiwan by investing TWD 6,000,000 to set up a business. After living in Taiwan for 1-2 years, passport and identity can be applied for. Taiwan passport holders enjoy visa-free travel in 164 countries over the world.

Taiwan Skilled Immigration Program

Taiwan Skilled Immigration Program is designed by the Taiwanese government to attract talents. Professionals from particular technological industries need neither investing nor operating a company. The whole process is fast and simple. Professionals can apply for Taiwanese citizenship after obtaining Taiwan residence permit, and continue to work in Hong Kong or Taiwan and freely travel between the two regions.

Application Requirement


  • Hong Kong/Macau SAR passport holders ONLY
  • Must have been engaged in and have professional qualifications for 2 years or more
  • Guarantor in Taiwan (Guarantor must be a Taiwanese citizen)
  • No criminal record
  • Pass the health examination

Accompanying family members:

  • Spouse

Approval requirements:

  • The applicant shall be engaged in the following professions, including lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and medical staff [Medical staff include: registered doctor, registered Chinese medicine practitioner, registered dentist, registered nurse, registered physiotherapist, registered occupational therapist, registered medical laboratory technologists,registered optometrist, registered pharmacist, registered radiographers]

Residential requirements:
Fulfill one condition of the following:

  • Continuing living for 1 year: Leaving Taiwan no more than 30 days within 1 year
  • Continuing living for 2 year: Staying in Taiwan at least 270 days every year

Documents required

  1. 6 Passport photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm in white background)
  2. Hong Kong SAR / Macau SAR Passport
  3. Hong Kong / Macau (Both Front and Back)
  4. Birth Certificate (Dependent-children)
  5. Marriage Certificate (Dependent-spouse)
  6. Academic Proof (Same as your profession)
  7. Employment Proof in Current Two Years
  8. Practicing Certificate
  9. Criminal Record Check
  10. Health Examination
  11. Letter from guarantor, his/her proof of employment and ID copy
  12. Confirmation letter of Hong Kong / Macau Resident Status

Application Process

  • Free consultation, preliminary assessment, document collection;Signing contract and power of attorney, pay the deposit
  • First visit to Taiwan: Apply for Taiwan Unified Certificate Number, submit professional qualification certificate, apply for the health examination (1 working day)
  • Apply for Certificate of No Criminal Conviction and Document Certification
  • Approval by Taiwan Immigration Department (Approximately 60 days)
  • Second visit to Taiwan: Obtain residence permit (10 working days)
  • Fulfill residence requirements,Apply for registered household permit
  • Apply for Taiwan identity card and passport