About Irlend

Ireland is a member of the European Union on the northwest coast of Europe. Ireland is close to the United Kingdom, and Ireland education is similar to the British education in that both of them are traditional education. Qualifications and degrees in Ireland are widely recognized in the world. Compared to other European countries, Ireland has a great advantage of having low tuition fees and living expenses which only account for 60% of that of England. Ireland also has internationally renowned industries, such as computer, bio pharmacy, global finance, and tourism and hotel management. Furthermore, Ireland is known as Silicon Glen and is the second largest software producing country.

In order to stimulate local economic development and attract more foreign investment, Ireland launched an investment immigration policy in 2012 and has allowed more investment approaches in July 2013 which attracted foreign investors to migrate to Ireland with a simple method and low requirement.

On December 20, 2016, the Irish Naturalisationand Immigration Service officially announced that it would increase the threshold for investing in projects approved by the Irish government from 500,000 eurosto 1 million euros, while the investment period remains unchanged.

Investment plans

Investment plan 1:
Invest 1 million eurosin projects approved by the Irish government (the investment period is not less than 3 years)

Investment plan 2:
Donate 400,000 Euros to an approved Irish charity

Immigrate Conditions

  1. Invest €1000,000 into public project for at least 3 years
  2. Provide at least €2,000,000 assets proof
  3. No criminal record
  4. Above the age of 18(non-EU resident)

Family sponsorship:

  • Your spouse
  • Your child below age of 18 Or, dependent child of the age 18 –27 who is unmarried and studies full time

Residence Requirement:

  • Visit Ireland once a year to renew residence status.

Application time

  • Approximately 6 months to obtain residence status
  • You can apply for Irish citizenship if you have stayed in Ireland for 5 years within 9 years. (Must have stayed in Ireland for 1 full year before applying for citizenship)

Required Documents

  1. 4 photos (35mm x 45mm) (within 6 months)
  2. Passport(color full copy)
  3. Identity card(color copy)
  4. Proof of qualification(certification is needed for mainland china people)
  5. Resume for past 5 years, work and income proof for current position
  6. Marriage certificate, partnership certificate, divorce certificate, single certificate
  7. Birth certificate
  8. No criminal record
  9. Investment proof and proof of fund source
  10. Assets proof, including income, investment, loan, property and business...etc.
  11. Bank statements for past 3 years


  • Free consultation, preliminary assessment, document collection; signing contract and power of attorney, pay the deposit (payment 70%)
  • Lawyer service agreement and project investment agreement
  • agreementTransfer lawyer service fee and project management fee to the escrow account indicated by lawyer.
  • Submit application to Ireland immigration department (around 6-9months)
  • After approval,applicant should transfer investment within 90 days to escrow account indicated by lawyer.
  • Applying for “D” visa,applicant should enter Ireland within 1 months
  • Fingerprint in immigration department,then get identity card immediately (payment 30%)
  • Stay 5 years in Ireland within 5 years and live in Ireland for the whole years before applying for citizenship.