Uni Immigration is a professional immigration consulting company that has provided immigration consulting services in Hong Kong since 2007 to assist Hong Kong residents in immigrating to different parts of the world. At present, in addition to the Hong Kong headquarter, the immigration consulting services of Uni Immigration have expanded to different corners of the world. Uni Immigration has more than 30 colleagues serving customers overseas, and is committed to providing customers with the most appropriate immigration consulting services to ensure that they could settle down anywhere at ease.

In addition to traditional immigration consulting services, we also provide diversified value added services such as searching for schools and homes, tax planning, account opening and tax filing, so that clients can live in any parts of the world with peace of mind. For the immigration plan of each country, our immigration consultants will provide clients with comprehensive services, and cater to their needs with a professional attitude.

In recent years, plenty of immigration applicants have doubts about immigration taxation. As your professional immigration consultant, we have strengthened the services related to immigration tax planning, especially the establishment of UK tax consultants and services, so as to assist customers in immigration tax consulting and planning.

We regularly hold immigration seminars. The seminars will cover in detail the immigration policies and immigration arrangements of various regions. If you are interested, please click here to participate. You can also directly contact our immigration consultants to obtain professional advice regarding your immigration plan.

Uni Professional service team

Mr. Harry Lau
Chief Operating Officer

Harry graduated from the University of Queensland in 2002 with a BA in City Planning & Design. As the Chief Operating Officer of Uni Immigration Consultancy Ltd., Harry has over ten years of experience in providing consulting services on immigration. Today, Harry has great responsibilities in overseeing the company\'s daily operations, strategic planning, and managing the customer service department. Harry is an experienced consultant with an extensive network of contacts in the country. As a professional, Harry demonstrates good customer service and knowledge of immigration. Hence, customers often manage to obtain their immigration status approval swiftly, enabling Harry to also build a stronger relationship with them.

Prior to joining Uni Immigration Consultancy Ltd., Harry was an account manager at an immigration agency under a Hong Kong listed real estate conglomerate. Within a few years, Harry has built a strong understanding and accumulated experience on immigration matters. He has also won the highest sales achievement awards several times. In 2003, when the Hong Kong government introduced Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, Harry was among the pioneers in Hong Kong that specialized in inbound immigration services. Since then, he has been a prominent leader in this industry.

Ms. Peggy Lau
Sales Director

Peggy graduated from University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She has joined the investment immigration business for over ten years. Her knowledge and experience for the immigration business has made her a prominent professional in the industry with a large customer base under her care.

Prior to returning Hong Kong from Australia, Peggy took on a sales director role where she looked after her family’s real estate development business. She was instrumental in all marketing and sales activities with the focus to expand the real estate business. When she returned to Hong Kong, she joined a Hong Kong listed property company specializing in FMCG marketing. Since 2010, Peggy has joined Uni Immigration Consultancy as a Senior Account Manager. Leading a team of investment immigration consultants, she has trained our members to provide the most professional and quality immigration service.

Mr. Hong Wong
Senior Consultant

Hong has started working at UNI Immigration Consultancy Limited since 2013. He is UNI\'s senior immigration consultant and holds an immigration consultant license issued by the Taiwan Immigration Department. He has assisted over 500 families to successfully immigrate to various countries of the world, including Portugal, Britain, Ireland, Taiwan, etc.

He has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and TV shows, including Now Finance Channel, TVB J5, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Taiwan Central News Agency and other major media channels.

Ms. Wing Ng
Senior Consultant

Wing is a senior immigration consultant of Uni Immigration Consultancy Limited (UNI), she had started working at UNI before graduating from the university and has been working full time since 2014. Wing holds an immigration consultant license issued by the Taiwan Immigration Department. She shows good customer service and knowledge of immigration. She is committed to providing professional immigration services to clients and has successfully assisted many families to immigrate to various countries. Meanwhile, she is proactive in seeking new business opportunities in order to explore a wider range of options for potential client.

Ms. Cherry Ho
Immigration Consultant

Cherry joined Uni Immigration Consultancy Limited in 2019. She is Uni’s immigration consultant. Cherry is experienced in processing various types of visas, including but not limited to: Taiwan’s investment and skilled immigration programs, Portugal Golden Visa and Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Program. She is dedicated to providing professional immigration services and tailored-made solutions to every client.

Mr. Alan Lau
Chief Executive Officer

Alan graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business Electronic Engineering and Information Technology degree in 1999 and joined the Uni Group in 2007. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Uni Immigration Consultancy Limited. He is in charge of the company’s strategic planning, marketing, business development and management. From 2007 to present, Alan has led the company to build strategic alliances with clients mainly from the mainland China and the Southeast Asia. The company serve over 200 clients each year by providing professional consultation and assisting in asset management. Alan boosted the sales volume by 20-fold.

Before joining the Uni Group, Alan worked in a reputable local bank, and his main responsibilities were in designing and implementing IT system for stock trading and forex trading. He also provided in-house technical support for the internet banking system.

Mr. Vincent Tse
Chief Financial Officer

Vincent is responsible for the accounting and finance functions of our Group. Vincent graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance in 1997 and obtained a Master of Business Administration degree in 2002 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2005. He is admitted as Associate Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers. He is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Before joining the Uni Group, he has held a senior position in Advisory Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers for over 11 years. His duties were to review client’s operating results, provide analytical and consultative services to stakeholders, help companies stabilize operations, and develop and implement strategies for survival, regeneration and growth. Mr. Tse has also gained solid experience in risk assets management from a reputable bank.

Mr. Kei Cheung
Chief Information Officer

Kei joined the Uni Group in 2007. He is primarily responsible for information technology planning and control, operations support and corporate communications. He graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Studies (Information Systems) in 2001. Before joining the Uni Group, Kei worked in Tech-xchange Limited, where he was in charge of in-house system development. Projects developed included customer relationship management, warehouse and manufacturing resource planning system. These are robust and user-friendly projects that were targeted in achieving high efficiency and security.


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