About Japan

Starting from April 2015, the Japan government extended the limitation for foreigners to set up businesses in Japan. The Investor/ business manager visa is set up in order to attract foreign investment. This visa is a residence visa, as well as long term residence permit. Applicant who invests 5,000,000 yen to set up a new business, acquire an existing business or manage business for business owner can apply for the Investor/ business manager visa which allows the applicant to stay in Japan for 1~5 years.


  • Above age of 20
  • Invest 5,000,000 yen or above
  • Have a registered company office
  • Need to have business experience or connection in Japan

Family sponsorship:

  • Your spouse
  • Your child
  • Principle applicant grants investor/ business manager visa and dependent applicants grant family visas

Processing time:
3 - 6 months

Conditions for visa renewal:

  • No criminal record in Japan
  • Keep the business running
  • Applicant’s income is enough to live in JapanRenewthe visa for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years according to the state of business operation
  • No residence requirement

Applying for permanent residency:

  • Continuously live in Japan for ten years
  • Visa cannot be discontinued during this periodStablefinancial condition
  • No criminal record in Japan
  • 申請永住權後需在日本連續居住五年或以上

Applying for citizenship:

  1. Continuously live in Japan for five years
  2. Have financial ability to maintain a livelihood in Japan
  3. No criminal record of all family members
  4. Renounce current nationality
  5. Understand basic Japanese
  6. Pass the interview

Documents Required


  1. Passports of all family members
  2. Identity cards of all family members
  3. 4 photos (3*4cm)
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Nationality certificate
  7. Resume
  8. Business plan
  9. Remittance proof
  10. Proof of fund source(bank statement or other documents)
  11. Work and income proof
  12. Documents about the business, such as, business card, deed, tenancy contract, photos...etc.


  • Free consultation and assessment
  • Collect applicant’s documents and sign service agreement and letter of attorney
  • Prepare business plan
  • Open Japan bank account
  • Remit money and set up company
  • Apply for Investor/business manager visa
  • Apply for permanent residency or citizenshipJapan

Migrant Advantages

1. Short processing time and safe investment
Japan immigration department needs only 3 months to grant the visa. Not only business accumulation but also gift, inheritance or other sources can be the fund source of e of the 5,000,000 yen. Investment is relatively safe because it does not need to be transferred to the account that the government indicated but only needs to be remitted to applicant’s personal account.

2. Living and traveling convenience
Applicant does not need to stay in Japan for a long time. Any city can be chosen to settle down if Applicant wants to live in Japan. Applicant holding a Japanese visa can also apply for long term multiple entry visas to different countries around the world.

3. Better education for children
In Japan, studying in primary school and secondary school is free for charge. If the applicant’s children study at university in Japan, their tuition fee is only one-third to one-fifth to that of foreign students. Migrating to Japan allows children to enjoy better education as there are many famous universities in Japan. Also, there is no limitation on school places in Japan; therefore, their chances of entering into world recognized universities are much bigger than that of international students.

4. Enjoy social welfare
Migrating to Japan, the applicant can enjoy social welfare including emergency medical services, short term non-cash emergency relief, immunization and test for infectious disease, dependency and adoption subsidy under regulation of Social Security Act, student subsidy under regulation of Higher Education and Public Health Services Act, on-job training…etc. If migrating to Japan for five years, the applicant can enjoy federal social welfare, such as food stamps, poverty and medical assistance, wage subsidies, temporary assistance for poor families …etc.

5. Pleasant living environment
There is pleasant living environment with less pollution and clean streets in Japan. The date of use on foodstuffs is very short in Japan in order to guarantee the quality and safety of food. Besides, there is almost no thief in Japan thus the safety of human life and property could also be guaranteed wherever you live in Japan.