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Malaysia - My Second Home Programme
Malaysia “My Second Home Programme”(MM2H) initially started out as “the Silver Hair programme” targeted at attracting senior citizens from foreign countries for a long stay or to retire in Malaysia using a five-year social visit pass in 1996 under the Department of Immigration Malaysia. Starting from 2002, the Malaysia government renamed “the Silver Hair programme” to “My Second Home Programme”. Furthermore, this program is now available to foreigners who are above the age of 21 rather than just limited to retired people. This program allows applicants to apply for a 10-year visa that is renewable. Applicants can remain Chinese citizens after being granted a visa and moreover, they are allowed to bring along their spouse, unmarried children below 21 years old and parents above 60 years old.

Migrant Conditions

Applicants in the age range of 21 to 49Applicants above age range of 50
Current asset proofMYR 500,000 or aboveMYR 350,000 or above
Income per monthMYR 10,000 or aboveMYR 10,000 or above
Fixed deposit amountMYR 300,000 (After 1 year, at most MYR 150,000 can be withdrawn to buy real property, for medical use and educational use )MYR 150,000 (After 1 year, at most MYR 50,000 can be withdrawn to buy real property, for medical use and educational use)

Documents Required

(A) Personal Information:

  • 6 photos (3.5cm X 5.0 cm)
  • Identity Card
  • Passport (full copy)
  • Household register
  • No criminal record (Applicants above 16 years old) (English version and certified by consulate general of Malaysia)
  • Marriage certificate (Certified by consulate general of Malaysia)
  • Birth certificate (Children below the age of 21) (Certified by consulate general of Malaysia)
  • Resume
  • Graduate certificate or proof of professional qualification

(B) Personal Property:

  • Deposit placed for at least 3 months, e.g.: bank slip or invoice
  • Work and income proof
  • Tax declaration form for the past 3 years (principal applicants and their spouses)(if any)
  • Certificate of property ownership(if any)

Application ProceduresCertification

  • Free Consultation(1day)
  • Collect and process client’sdocuments
    Sign service agreement and letter of attorney. Pay advance deposit (70%)
  • Submit application
  • Approval of application(2-3 months)
  • Visit Malaysia (within 6months)
    Open a fixed-deposit bank account & Body check & Purchase medical insurance
  • GrantVisa
    Remaining 30% of payment due

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